Electric or Acoustic guitar. Which is best for beginners?

If you are a complete beginner to playing guitar then I’d always recommend learning on an acoustic first, then moving on to electric later if that’s what you want to do.

The main reason for this is that from my experience most bad habits are picked up playing electric guitar, such as poor picking technique and chord shortcuts which can lead to poor chord changing.

Also, playing acoustic guitar is far more immediate as there is no setting up involved.

The last thing you want to do when learning anything is give yourself an excuse not to do it or to put obstacles in the way.

You can just leave your acoustic guitar laying around on the place and just pick it up when the urge hits you.

There’s no need to plug anything in or switch anything on. No effects pedals to mask dodgy technique, no cables to go faulty or fuses to blow! (well maybe the odd one in the brain when trying to figure out a new chord change).

Acoustic guitar is as pure as you can get it.

So my advice is to start from the ground up, learn the basics on acoustic first, then if you want to go on and become the next Jimi Hendrix later then you’ll at least know that your guitar technique is sound!

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