Video Lessons

12 Bar Blues in E Strumming Pattern with Blues Scale Lick.
This is great practice for the common ‘down down/up up/down up strumming pattern and combines a nice little blues scale lick at the end to help with your alternate picking.


Little Things Intro Lesson
Get to grips with the rhythm of the intro to this great beginners guitar song.


Strumming – Removing & Avoiding Bad Habits
Many beginners struggle with strumming patterns so this video lesson should help with both strumming and correcting bad strumming technique. *Tip – keep your hand and wrist nice and loose and it may help to open the fingers on your strumming hand.


When You Say Nothing – Beginners Chord Picking
This is a more beginners/intermediate lesson showing the intro to this popular songs. It’s sounds great and is really nice to play once you have the technique mastered.


Bar (Barre) Chords – Playing, Mastering and Practicing

Let’s crack this essential chord shape as quick as possible with this simple lesson…


Losing My Religion Intro

It’s nice to be able to play complete songs on acoustic guitar even if we don’t necessarily have the right type of instrument to get the exact effect.

This intro explores ways to transpose a melody played on a mandolin to an acoustic guitar version of a song…oh yeah, and check out the dancing blackbird in the background!