Possibly my No.1 Guitar tip!

Wait for it…here is my No.1 tip of all time…

…Buy a guitar stand.

I know that doesn’t sound like much of a tip…BUT…one thing I always say to all my students is NEVER leave your guitar tucked up snug in its case, and here’s why…

As we all know, if you put an obstacle in the way of anything then it becomes harder to do, and learning guitar is no different. If your guitar is kept hidden away in its case then it means you have to make an effort to get it out to play it. And you need to PRACTICE A LOT!

So make your guitar part of your home, buy a guitar stand and have your guitar accessible at all times.

Even picking your guitar up for 5 minutes makes you 5 minutes BETTER than you were, and not only that, a guitar makes a great feature in your living room.

Even a cheap guitar is a thing of beauty, so give it pride of place in your home and you’ll find yourself, or your child picking it up and playing it more often if it is accessible at all times.

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