“I have always wanted to play guitar but always thought it would be too difficult to learn. Since having lessons from Martin I have realised that anyone can learn to play.

Martin’s talent – apart from being a great guitar player himself is he installs confidence and self belief you come away from his lessons itching to get back your guitar. Martin has given me the motivation to keep practising and now it’s starting to pay off, I feel there has been massive improvement from only a few lessons.

Martin has also given me great technical tuition , taught me how to hold and play the guitar properly and with that you play better and enjoy playing your instrument so much more. I only have one regret – I didn’t come to Martin sooner.”
Matthew Wood


“Lessons with Martin take place in a relaxed and friendly environment and I am testimony that all abilities (including my initial inability) are welcomed and encouraged. Martin, himself, is a gifted player with an infectious style combining tuition with a friendly, positive attitude.

I had to start with how to hold the instrument and the plectrum but quickly learned the basic skills and, after just a few lessons, I was stringing chords together.

New exercises are added at an appropriate rate and I am now practising a number of songs. Martin’s approach has taken my initial whim and turned it into a new and rewarding interest.”
Steve Wilson


“I was keen to learn how to play guitar as a hobby so wasn’t looking for formal lessons which might involve exams or a rigid syllabus. I wanted to learn enough to be able to play songs that I liked to a good standard but, most importantly, in a way that would be relaxed and fun.

Martin’s friendly and uncomplicated way of teaching has helped me to achieve this and I have gone from being a complete beginner to playing full songs in a short period of time…it’s been really enjoyable.”
Katy Ryder


“My Guitar lessons were a present, as I was trying to teach myself and getting no where. When I turned up I was nervous about what to expect and I was wrong to be nervous because after my first Lesson with Martin I was on a total high about what I had learnt. Martin is patient and smiles and fills you with confidence. I’ve learnt so much in just 9 lessons and still bounce out after the lesson and enjoy practicing at home and look forward to what I will learn in the next lesson. I would recommend Martin to anyone.
Clare Chalkley

“As a complete beginner of 40 years of age, but having always wanted to learn the guitar, I entered into my lessons with some trepidation especially as the last musical instrument I had played was the recorder back at school. I needn’t have worried though Martin put me at ease immediately and by the end of the first lesson I was already playing a few chords and left full of confidence.

Martin is a great musician and is truly passionate about music and this shows in the way he teaches. He always teaches with a smile on his face and the lessons fly by. New techniques and songs are introduced at the right time to challenge you but never to overwhelm you with something which you are not capable of. After 12 lessons I have learnt 4 songs and several techniques which as someone who had never played before feels like a huge achievement and I don’t think I would have achieved so much in such a short time with a different teacher”
Peter Dean